Forum on Robotics and Control Engineering (FoRCE

The mission of the FoRCE is: Providing free, high-quality outreach events and online seminars in order to reach broader robotics and control engineering communities around the globe. To support our mission, we periodically invite distinguished lecturers to the FoRCE to give talks on recent research and/or education results related to robotics and control engineering. As a consequence, the FoRCE aims in connecting academicians and government/industry researchers/practitioners with each other through crosscutting basic and applied research and education discussions.

Each upcoming FoRCE event (see below) is currently announced through the Guidance, Navigation, and Control Listserv (GNC-L). In order to subscribe to this listserv, simply send an email to with no text on the subject line but write "subscribe gnc" (without quotation marks) on the body of your email. We also announce the upcoming FoRCE events through the IEEE Control Systems Society E-Letter ahead of time and the ASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division Listserv.

We cordially hope that you will enjoy the FoRCE events and find them highly-valuable to your own research and education interests!

Outreach Events

2023 30th Women in Aviation Day for Volusia and Flagler County

2024 31st Women in Aviation Day for Volusia and Flagler County 

2024 Discover Engineering Visit WCA

Courses Taught

AE432Flight Dynamics and Control: The goal of this course is to provide the student with a working knowledge of flight dynamics and dynamic stability and control. It is also the objective of this course to cover the control and dynamic characteristics of handling a (particular) control task. In addition, autopilot design concepts are introduced.

AE 523 – Modeling and Simulation of Linear Dynamic Systems: The goal of this course is to develop a fundamental understanding of linear systems and associated mathematics, and to build a strong theoretical foundation to apply linear systems theory in modern control systems, dynamical systems analysis, and other applications.

AE 627Adaptive Control: This course is designed to introduce students to the basics of adaptive control theory and its current state of

the art. Throughout the course both synthesis and analysis of adaptive control laws for aerospace systems will be presented based on stability, robustness, and performance considerations.